Workplace accidents happen everyday in The United States. They range from very minor to catastrophic which may include death. It is important that you report all workplace accidents that you are involved in to your employer as soon as you are able to do so. Failure to report an accident while at work can nullify any benefits that otherwise you may be entitled.

In some cases injuries do not reveal themselves until several days or more after workplace accidents occur. If that happened to you and you failed to report it to your employer it should be reported as soon as you notice injuries that you now think may be from an earlier accident that occurred while working for your employer. Your employer needs to be notified as soon as possible so they can help you and provide you with the necessary paper work.

Victims Of Workplace Accidents Benefit From Legal Advice

Many employers have insurance which covers workplace accidents. These insurance companies and your employer will seek legal advice after any workplace accidents are reported. Because of this and for the protection of your rights and benefits it is in your best interest to contact an attorney like Amanda Payton. One of her areas of practice and expertise is workplace accidents. Amanda would be pleased to consult with you regarding any accident injury that may have occurred.

Accidents and injuries in the workplace happen in many forms. You could cut yourself. You could lift something and hurt yourself. Vehicle and machinery accidents can cause warehouse-workplace-accidentssevere injuries. You could slip and fall. This just scratches the surface as to types of accident possibilities. Not all accidents and injuries are caused by negligence. Many times circumstances beyond anyone’s control just happen and an accident occurs. Sometimes there is an injury involved and sometimes there is not.

“Acts of God” like wind, rain,  and lightening can be involved in accidents and injuries. Complications with injuries and costs can seem unbearable and frightening. Do not enter into a discussion with an insurance company or a legal representative of your employer alone. If you find yourself in this situation, excuse yourself and immediately call for legal assistance. Contact Amanda Payton Law Group at once.





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