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A DUI Defense requires an experienced DUI attorney. If you are arrested for DUI, get experienced legal representation immediately. The longer you wait to retain a DUI Defense attorney, the more stress you will place upon yourself. Stress can cause bad decision making. And bad decision making is something you should avoid if you are facing a DUI conviction. Therefore, you should obtain experienced legal representation as soon as possible, and avoid talking to anyone until you have obtained a DUI defense attorney to protect your rights. Amanda Payton has the experience you need if you are ever arrested for DUI.

A DUI Defense May Involve Non-Alcoholic Substances;

DUI or “Driving Under the Influence” has changed dramatically over the past few decades. It is no longer considered a minor traffic violation. DUI is a crime in all 50 States and The District of Columbia. Consequently, it is treated and punished accordingly! Each State has different, however, DUI Defense prescription-drugssimilar laws regarding the subject of DUI. Knowing your States law is very important. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has estimated that about 40 percent of all U.S. traffic deaths are alcohol-related to some degree. A DUI arrest can deal with substances other than alcohol. These substances may be legal, prescription, or illegal. A Doctor’s prescription does not allow you to legally drive while being under the influence of that prescription. Always be aware of the side affects of any prescription drugs that you may be taking.

BACtrack (Blood Alcohol Concentration) keeps records on DUI statistics in the United States. These statistics are accurate. These statistics are disturbing. These statistics should be heeded. Here are a few so you know how serious the problem really is in America.

  • 1 in 3 people will be involved in a DUI related auto accident in their lifetime
  • In 2010, 345,000 people were injured due to a DUI related auto accident
  • Over 10,000 people died in 2010 due to DUI related auto accidents
  • If all 17 million people who admitted to driving drunk in 2010 had their own state, it would be the fifth largest in the U.S.
  • Teens were responsible for approximately 2.4 million episodes of drinking and driving once a month in 2011, and some engaged in the dangerous behavior more than once a month

We are facing a serious problem regarding drinking and driving. Even if you don’t drink and drive, other folks do! Be as defensive a driver as you can. You are 5 times more likely to encounter someone who is Driving Under the Influence at night than you are during the day. Avoid situations where excessive drinking takes place if you know that you must drive. A DUI defense is more difficult and more expensive than not over indulging. However, if you find yourself in need of a DUI defense, Contact Amanda Payton and protect your rights!

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