Driving under the influence in most States including Texas is a serious legal offense. When operating a vehicle you should always be aware of your personal and physical circumstances. People tend to think of driving under the influence as a crime only involving alcohol. It is true that alcohol related accidents account for a high rate of involvement, however, Prescription drugs and illegal drugs also account for a substantial share of the DUI involvements each year in the United States.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2016 auto accident deaths involved driving under the influence 28% of the time. They went on to say that prescription drugs and illegal drugs were in play during 16% of auto accident deaths during 2016. Marijuana was the leader in the illegal drugs category. That means that 44% of the auto accident deaths during 2016 involved drivers that were driving under the influence of something.

The Holiday Season is an especially active time for DUI arrests and accidents. Who doesn’t want to go to a party and have fun? Most people enjoy the party atmosphere that the Holiday Season brings each year. Halloween through New Years is the Holiday danger zone for driving under the influence. More parties and celebrations take place during that calendar time frame than throughout the remainder of the year.

The financial cost for a DUI is probably a lot more than you think. It also goes way beyond the money. TxDOT Billboard says in Texas an arrest and conviction for DUI can easily cost in excess of $17,000.00. That’s the financial side of the equation. Often times other things pop up and cost you even more. Relationships with friends and business associates take a hit. Your boss thinks less of you. It can cost you your job or a demotion. The court suspends your drivers license. You are required to participate in community service for 50 – 100 hours by many courts. Then you get todriving-under-the-influence-road-sign go to the classes for substance abuse . . . now isn’t that something to look forward to? All of that for a first offense of having fun.

The Judicial System where you live most likely takes driving under the influence as a serious crime with steep penalties and requirements. Therefore, you had better take them seriously too! If you are going out to party, plan for transportation. Cabs, tow trucks, and designated drivers are easily better decisions than driving when you have had too much fun. Do you have an extra $17,000.00 in your checking account that you would like to donate to the DUI industry? I didn’t think so! Think before you drive. It may save you from a very uncomfortable experience  If you need legal advise Contact Amanda Payton at your earliest convenience.



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