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An auto accident attorney is knowledgeable about the law. They are especially knowledgeable about the needs of someone involved in an auto accident. Amanda Payton has the knowledge and experience to provide excellent guidance and protect your interests. It  is always necessary to be honest with your attorney. They are only able to provide you with the best representation if they know exactly what you know . . . . the entire story or truth regarding your auto accident. This includes anything that relates to your auto accident as well!

Annual Auto Accident Statistics for the United States;

  • Auto accidents account for nearly 40,000 deaths each year
  • Drivers between 16-20 account for almost 8,000 auto accident deaths yearly
  • 1,650 children under 15 years old die each year in auto accidents
  • 2,300,000 people are injured in auto accidents yearly
  • Auto accidents cost over $230 billion dollars each year
  • Auto accidents are the leading cause of death for healthy US citizens travelling abroad.

An Auto Accident Attorney Will Provide Guidance;

A quality auto accident attorney will ask you may questions and will be involved in lots of research as it relates to your auto accident. TheyAuto accident attorney car wreck photo will want to know all the details which may be a contributing factor of the accident. This can include but not limited to weather conditions, road conditions, and running condition of your automobile. Also important factors could be visibility, noise, your awareness, and any prescription drugs you may have been taking at the time of the accident. This again is just a sampling that your auto accident attorney may want to know.

Every auto accident is unique and requires a fresh and complete look at all the details and circumstances. If you are involved in an auto accident you should contact an auto accident attorney immediately. It will be your your best interests to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. The greater the damage or injury caused by an auto accident the greater the need for professional help. An auto accident attorney is exactly what you need following an auto accident.



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