A truck accident lawyer is important because they have specific knowledge and experience. By the very nature of a truck accident they are often more complicated than an auto accident. First of all trucks, semis, and 18 wheelers are larger than autos and usually are involved in accidents that produce more damage of all types than most auto accidents. Serious injury, bodily harm, and death are more likely if an 18 wheeler is involved in an accident. This factor alone requires professional, experienced legal assistance like Amanda Payton.

Often times a truck driver is employed by a third party which owns and operates the semi-truck he is driving at the time of an accident. This complicates the issue of the accident and requires great attention to detail. Or the owner of the truck is the driver but is employed by a third party. See where we are going here? There is so much more involved when a truck accident happens. An experienced truck accident lawyer is not only recommended it is essential to protect all of your interests.

The legal resolution to truck accidents versus auto accidents generally takes more time and effort. One of the reasons for the additional time required is the fact that a third party (as mentioned in paragraph two) is often involved and has retained or hires a professional and experienced law firm to protect their interests. These thirdtruck-accident-lawyer-with judge-gavel-with-legal-documents parties or trucking companies understand the importance of having or acquiring professional legal assistance. Complicated issues and accident circumstances involving several parties demands patience and requires the understanding that these legal proceedings may take more time then you thought they would.

Knowing all the ins and outs of the legal proceedings involving an 18 wheeler accident is the job of a truck accident lawyer. Contact The Payton Law Group in Dallas, Texas. They have that knowledge and experience to be your advocate. Don’t enter into negotiations with an Insurance Company or talk with a Trucking Company without legal representation. It is NOT in your best interest! It is in their best interest.

A truck accident lawyer will advise you of all of your rights and explain the proceedings. The process is complicated to say the least and should not be underestimated. Get the legal help you need and deserve.

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