Trying to avoid an 18 wheeler crash can sometimes be impossible. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time may cause your vehicle to become involved in an 18 wheeler crash. Driving side by side a semi-truck on a highway should be kept to a minimum. Passing an 18 wheeler or being passed by an 18 wheeler should be a quick and deliberate process. Giving semi-trucks lots of room on the highway is a wise thing to do. Those big trucks are more difficult to maneuver than your family car or pick up truck. That is one reason why semi truck drivers are required to have a Commercial Drivers License.

Commercial trucking in the United States is the backbone of the American economy. Products of all types are moved by 18 wheelers over the highways of The United States. Manufacturers and Distributors are supplying your favorite Retailers with the products you want and need.

18 Wheeler Crash Statistics;

The most current motor vehicle statistics for The United States are from 2016. Nearly 270 million motor vehicles of all types are registered in America. These statistics include; passenger vehicle, buses, commercial trucks, and motorcycles.

  • Passenger Vehicles Total = 113 million
  • Buses Total = 1 million
  • Commercial Trucks = 147 million
  • Motorcycles = 9 million

Commercial Trucks during 2016 were involved in 4,213 fatal accidents. Commercial Trucks during 2016 were involved in 55,633 injury accidents. 18-wheeler-crash-commercial-truckThese same vehicle types were also involved in 99,911 accidents where at least one vehicle had to be towed away.

According to FMCSA the critical pre-crash event for seventy-three percent of commercial trucks in fatal crashes was another vehicle, person, animal, or object in the 18 wheeler truck’s lane or encroaching into it. Twenty-three percent of the commercial trucks in fatal crashes had critical pre-crash events of their own movement or loss of control. These 18 wheeler crash statistics for 2016 are alarming. It points out that three out of four of these fatal accidents were caused by something other than the 18 wheeler or it’s driver. They need more respect from other drivers.

Giving a wide right of way to these commercial vehicles could dramatically cut down on these vehicle accident fatalities. If you are involved in an 18 wheeler crash Contact Amanda Payton as soon as possible. Amanda is skilled and experienced in 18 wheeler crash cases.

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