18 Wheeler in Utah

18 Wheeler accidents usually create more damage than automobile accidents. The sheer size of these commercial vehicles is the main reason for the increased damage. This observation is obvious, however, it needs to be thoroughly understood from a legal perspective. Highway accidents involving an 18 Wheeler are different than a highway accident involving only passenger automobiles or cars. Therefore, they need to be treated differently. An experienced 18 Wheeler accident attorney is recommended. Experienced is the key here! If you settle for less than an experienced attorney the results of your case may not be fully recognized.

Cause of 18 Wheeler Accidents in America;

  • Driver Fatigue is the premier cause of a highway accident involving a big rig or semi truck. Rigorous schedules to meet unrealistic delivery times by trucking companies will many times contribute to driver fatigue. Federal laws regulate the hours a commercial truck driver can be behind the wheel. To meet a corporate bonus these regulations are often ignored by commercial truck drivers. Unfortunately, the financial gain offered by the trucking companies can entice some drivers to deviate from these Federal Commercial Driving Guide Lines. Some highway accident experts believe that driver fatigue can be more dangerous than drivers who use drugs or alcohol.18 Wheeler Accident
  • Driver Intoxication from drugs or alcohol is another high level cause of highway accidents involving an 18 Wheeler. Clearly driving under the influence is an unacceptable practice for anyone operating a vehicle of any kind on our highways.
  • Driver Training & Inexperience is another cause of highway accidents involving semi trucks. Some trucking companies are in such need of big rig drivers that they fail to hire experienced and well trained commercial truck drivers. Many of these trucking companies don’t offer training to their drivers either.
  • Traffic Law Violations by 18 Wheeler Drivers is a contributing factor to highway accidents involving semi trucks. Speeding, changing lane violations, and tail gating are all part of this highway big rig accident mix as well.
  • Equipment Failure is a documented cause for highway accidents involving commercial trucking. Tire blow outs, brake failure, and steering problems are examples of equipment failure.
  • Weather Conditions can not be overlooked. Black Ice, Rain, Snow, and High Winds are all contributing factors towards highway accidents that involve 18 Wheeler trucks.
  • Pot Holes, Poor Road Conditions, Unbalanced Loads, and Poorly Attached Loads round out most of the top causes of highway accidents that involve semi trucks.

The above causes are real. However, The US Department of Transportation indicates that 75% of all 18 Wheeler accidents are caused by drivers of smaller passenger vehicles. Riding in a semi trucks blind spot is a huge reason for some of these accidents. Also, changing lanes abruptly, and tailgating contributes to these statistics. The ultimate cause of a highway accident that involves an 18 Wheeler is important. In most cases a great deal of research will be required. A police report is just the beginning.

Commercial Trucking Companies involved in an accident tend to circle the wagons and protect their interests. They have high power attorneys that will want to resolve each case as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. If you are involved in an accident with a commercial trucking company and an 18 Wheeler you will want to contact an experienced attorney in these matters. You can be sure that the Commercial Trucking Companies have very experienced attorneys and you need to be well represented to insure that all of your rights are protected and considered. You need to consider personal injury, property damage, pain and suffering, lost wages, and ongoing treatment costs . . . . just to name a few! This is very complicated and requires professional and experienced legal assistance. The Payton Law Group is well equipped to represent your interests. Contact Us today for a FREE Consultation.


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